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"Life is too short to drink a bad wine

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We do not use Herbizit, mowing,
edit, cut and tie with the lunar Maria Thun

spray the vines by hand,
of course, as far as possible only with copper and sulfur,

Even the harvest is very complex introduced by hand according to the lunar calendar!

Our winery is located on the sunny hills of Merano: the "Merano Küchelberg".


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The whining

wimmen   wimmen

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In the basement

Our passion is reflected in the 100- year-old-stone- cellar :

Carefully and gently, but speedy processing of hand-picked grapes,

traditional mash fermentation with yeast fine for fruity flavors

controlled temperature control during fermentation in steel tanks.

The result is harmonious, fresh, fruity red wines unfiltered, because we give the wine the necessary time it needs!

The wines are available directly from us, of course, after tasting and sightseeing in the quaint wine cellar!


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A portrait of Vernatsch

The color of the Vernatsch is clear up to the bright,

powerful ruby , sometimes with garnet red nuances.


Pleasantly fresh and fruity with aromas of cherries and currants

down to the typical, more or less pronounced bitter almond notes

and delicate violet aromas.

Dry, soft and velvety with a low acidity and tannin, balanced and harmonious mild to pronounced, elegant and delicate, yet strong structure of the same

Alle Südtiroler Vernatsch-Weine haben trotz ihrer großen Vielfalt eines gemeinsam: All South Tyrolean Vernatsch wines, despite their great diversity, one thing in common:

low tannin and nice acidity make the wine properly digest.

Who has the mood for wine easy, uncomplicated enjoyment the Vernatsch

Tastes the Vernatsch if he is still young.
It is drunk mainly one year after the harvest.

The serving temperature should be between 14 and 16 degrees Celsius,

And what is even more important:

the Vernatsch can be almost more than any other wine combineateted with every meal and can be served to many occasions.


vernatsch   vernatsch   vernatsch


White Wine

With the few white grapes we produce a fruity white wine!


Who can enjoy

is no drinking wine,

but tastes secrets!


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